East Ocean Teochew, Dolce Tokyo, Omakase Burger

On the first day of a new internship and I’m trying to get my sleeping cycle in order again. It’s weird having to adjust to being on the ball again after a month of away from anything law related but I -was- challenged in a completely different way working at the cafe.

I should really be getting to sleep now but I can’t so here I am tapping away. Might as well post some photos of the food I’ve been eating, looking at them is making me SO HUNGRY

Char Siew Sou_edited

One of my favourite dimsum – Char Siew Sou!!! But I can’t choose a favourite cause I love too many already, just the thought of a dimsum spread ahhhh ❤
Har Gao_edited

Har Gou (Y)

Roasted Pork Belly_edited

AND this. was happy, freaking crispy and melt-in-mouth at the same time, how do they even do that??

Roasted pork belly, in it’s finest glory

seafood cream_edited

Went back to Supply and Demand twice in one week LOL the waitress recognised me. But never give me further discount 😦 But food was still AWESOME

DolceToykyo Banana Split_edited

Randomly, Dolce Tokyo, because sweets


Omakase burgers with the wives during our lazy staycation. Look at the amount of fries there oh god so good but so bad </3

Here’s to learning as much as possible in the next 2 weeks, and to treasuring the remainder of the holidays because I can already feel the end looming and it doesn’t feel great at all~ 😥

On another note, I’m so proud that my brother is going to POP this Sunday even tho he still is irritating every Sunday when the whole family runs around trying to get him to book in on time hahaha. My brothers are growing up :’) I have an Agnes from Despicable Me doll staring at me from them, which they say I look like. It reminds me that even tho I’m supposed to be the Margo of the family – responsible, gets stuff right – sometimes I want to be Agnes too.


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