Army-themed Checkerboard Cake!

Helluuu ^^

I’ve been wanting to share this for the past 2 weeks but waited for the posting date with the rest of the Daring Bakers!

Here’s the blog-checking line: For the July Daring Baker’s Challenge, Ruth from The Crafts of Mommyhood challenged us to bake a cake. But not just any cake; she asked us to add in a special surprise for our eyes as well as our taste buds!

So I decided to bake an army-themed checkerboard cake for my brother who POP-ed on 13th July! Super proud moment for my family to see him progress through those 9 weeks and now he’s on his way up, super mega proud!!!


Green and brown checkers to match the camo pixels on the uniform!! Close enough right!!

hahaha okay and also tried to do the pixelation thing on the top of the cake, but I think it looks a bit like Earth if the oceans were green LOL.


I’ve got quite a few photos of the process this time cause my mum was very enthusiastically snapping away~ 


Crumbs, crumbs everywhere!!

I used the method and recipe from Sprinkle Bakes, hers was for a rainbow coloured one so I modified the colours to make it army-coloured! I also added grated lemon zest to the cake batter to make it more lemony, as well as changed the dimensions and layers of the cake. Her cake consisted of 6 layers that were 6-inches wide but I don’t have 6-inch cake pans. And I don’t think I could have handled making 6 layers of 9-inch cakes, I think I would have drowned circles :’D



Nice shot by mum! assembly5Commemorating the last of the cake assembly – adding the final circle!!

And here’s what it looks like when it’s cut!

I was really pleased with it :’D And I’m so glad that the taste wasn’t compromised as well, cause the recipe from Sprinkle Bakes was really good!! Frosting was the most awesome one I’ve made so far ahh hahaha


The only thing is, I should have trimmed off the bottom of the cake layer; there are oddly placed light brown mini-‘layers’ below the green ones.

But I really had a therapeutic weekend making this cake, and learning so much from this. Too bad school is starting soon and time is no longer in abundance to be enjoyed at will 😥

To the brother: congratulations on making it through your Basic Military Training :’) the next 9 months will be tough but we’ll be behind you all the way!! I know you can do it!!!

P/S: Sorry stow and jianying, y’all only got to eat one square because stow, your reputation for pangsehing is too great hahaha!


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