Summertime Fatness: July Edition

First day of Year 3 was yesterday 😥 the only reason I’m still at home’s cause there’s no evidence tutorial this week, otherwise tutorial’s usually at 9am `\o/`

Instead of reading for class later – I am digging up food photos to post HAHA no okay I’m determined to be a good student this sem k and will start things right.

Let me reminisce about the holidays a little first though :’)


Come to w39!! ^^

Caesar for Chalet

Caesar Salad making during AC Chalet – turned out surprisingly good! (Y) Credits to Vernon as well, we spent almost 3 hours leisurely making this after we reached there to check in, while waiting for the rest of the interning people to arrive. While Jo packed her whole house to bring to Taiwan HAHA no I kid, but srsly Jo.

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Flat Whites at Forty Hands, which were so good I wished they were twice or thrice the size. Kudos to the newly inducted coffee snob for the introduction, and of course also to very inspiring conversations – glad to have you around David, thanks for always looking out for me.

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Forty Hand’s incredible chocolate tart and good-but-not-incredible chocolate pound cake. GIVE ME MOAR CHOCOLATE.

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Mex Out with the MTF to celebrate the birthdays of the 2 very retarded and very smart kids, jp and skoh *\o/* Descriptions interchangeable. hehe

The nachos were SO HEAVENLY I haz nu wordsk elfkjsnrfl ❤ Also the owner looks like Jonathan Sidwell from Suits right!!! Okay skoh and I were so sure we insisted on a photo but no one really agreed after that :< Idk why the photo is so grainy and I am lazy to edit.

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Height received a boost that night with the help of shockingly comfortable platforms, which I had to throw out cause I haven’t worn heels for fun for so long (interning no count) and the soles started peeling like mad :'< BUT THIS HEIGHT IS GOOD!! Usually my face is armpit-level.

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I love eating with people who love eating as much as I do haha! Many moments of silence at the table where we contemplated the food, first with our eyes and then in our mouths.  (they probably also contemplated strangling me taking many photos of this before they were allowed to touch the food HAHA sorrz guys).

This was at Cucina at Holland Village.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThankfully, we got this a voucher for this, which just made it more exciting because we felt invincible – ORDER ALL THE FOOD!!!

I’m serious, friends who eat together, stay together :’>

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThen we moved on to my favourite ice cream place: the Daily Scoop.

Not pictured: GOY, who got her durian ice cream without consideration for anything else and went back to sit and eat it while the chee, qq and I took about 10 years trying all sorts of flavours. I think none of us eventually got any of the flavours that we tried LOL.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetDimbulah, long ago, with Yasmina who’s from Canada and was interning in the same place I was, and I headed down to say goodbye before she left Singapore for good.

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The Sushi Bar’s Salmon Aburi Sushi deserves all the hype it has generated – steph and I clinked our first sushis together in a toast before placing it whole into our mouths and o-m-g I would have made vaguely indecent noises if not for how cramped to the point of slight claustrophobia our seats were to the other tables.

In any case, I don’t think the other diners would have judged the indecent noises anw~ Steph and I were probably the most exaggerated in showing our appreciation for the food though, hahaha.

Not pictured: Chirashi Don and Wafu Spaghetti. I’m trying to forget the impact of the price tag of this meal on my student budget and focus on the food ~

Not captured: The warmth of old friendships.



This was the sashimi at TungLok, where my family celebrated my brother’s birthday before he booked back in on Sunday – didn’t take more photos of the food because as usual, we ate in a rush for him to book in on time hahaha ugh my stupiak brother.

Chee with BoonTongKee

Bonus photo: Chee being a cutie at supper at Boon Tong Kee ❤ hehehe.

I think I was pretty good this month at taking photos of my meals!! I admit I am still lazy sometimes to take photos tho.

A new semester, with a new beginning. Please be forgiving. There is too much to say so I will just end with something no less relevant:

“There’s nothing that I’d take back,

But it’s hard to say there’s nothing I regret.”


The Tiramisu Hero Cafe & Windowsill Pies

Hello ! Happy Public Holiday haha cause Vesak Day doesn’t really mean that much to me hehe

I started my internship yesterday and it went great! Although I ran into a lot of technical problems with the computer but I got lots of help and it all worked out. I got quite a lot of research to do in the end, which I’m actually quite excited about continuing tomorrow! (ha ha, maybe I’m speaking too soon..) The people there are very accommodating and I’m glad there are q a few NUS friends there 🙂

So today’s post is about my day spent with joy last week at the Tiramisu Hero Cafe ! We then walked about 100m down the road to Windowsill Pies and continued pigging out :’D


Joy’s Aglio Olio was really quite yummy ! Though she spent some time picking out all the chilli in it, but I’d have loved it ! And, processing the photos is getting much faster now that I’ve grasped the basics of it. But so much more to learn though!!

Processing always reminds me of Chandler Bing


Baked rice for me; I loved the curry and how spicy it was, but I’ve realised that baked rice is not really my thing.

/okay continue tmr, going for Comedy Masala’s last show at Home Club! They’re moving to a new venue next week~


Go Tiramisu Hero Cafe of course must try the tiramisu! I love love love the cute jar, fleetingly thought about stowing it away in my bag but they cleared it away too quickly, truly ninja like the Sir. Tiramisu was pretty yums, but truthfully not the best I’ve had. Still, not too bad!


Mandatory photo of Sir Antonio’s head as my head


Off with his head! Presenting the Sir’s head on a platter


Very enterprisingly, there was also a corner carved out to display an assortment of unique jewellery! Sweet~ Themed blue too, my favourite colour!

And then.. Gluttony got the better of us.. and we walked out of one cafe straight into the arms of another!!

(Definitely no regrets there)


Teddy looks kinda woebegone but it totally fits into the magical and fairy-tale like interior ♥.♥


They even have a super adorable bright yellow fridge that actually works! I saw a staff member get stuff from it.

Incidentally.. I saw the exact same model in pink and blue, in Tangs later that night. Such evidence of gluttony, cause I had dinner at Sun with Moon x.x



“Sweet banana mousse, salty caramel and crunchy nuts come together in an explosion of flavour!” -Windowsill’s website

Ahhhh ♥♥


Also, also I know I don’t really post lotsa personal life feelings stuff, but I’ve got to say that, I’m so thankful for the people that have come into my life and stayed :’) For endless conversations and connections that distance has no hold on.


Just finished typing this post after my second day of interning, and then tutoring, and then coming home to do pilates! I’ve started following the videos on Blogilates, recommended by Joy and it’s been fun! Definitely a plus for working people who don’t dare to run at night heh. woops.

Okay bye, need to get some research done before I fall aslee- zzz

Brave Eats #1: Lady M, Ban Tong Seafood, Jushinjung, Bangkok, Teochew Porridge, Canopy Garden Dining and Bar

I really like taking photos of food, so I’ve decided to start a food photo series to document what I’ve been eating!

At Lady M, celebrating the best friend’s return to Singapore from Melbourne for her summer holidays ❤

Still feasting with yummy cereal crayfish @ Ban Tong Seafood, with Lin and Benz ^^

 Superb Korean food @ Ju Shin Jung with Joy, who’s such a blessing to me

Here are also some pictures of the super awesome food we had in Bangkok

The best ice cream served in a coconut, which the vendor chopped up right in front of our eyes! Bro and I couldn’t resist buying another bowl right after polishing this off.

Mum’s obsession: she ate this at least once, sometimes twice a day. Her favourite was the one sold in Chinatown.

Hotel breakfasts @ The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam

I forgot what this is called but it was really good! At the food court at Platinum Mall.

Seafood at Chinatown

Best meal in Bangkok: Real authentic Thai food at a restaurant my Thai friend brought us to. You know it’s authentic when none of the waiters could speak any English except for the manager who understood enough to take our order!

Loving breakfast for dinner, while at the airport sending Bro off to China

Dino attempted to help me eat simply after Bangkok by bringing me to have teochew porridge, but we both couldn’t resist ordering favourites like braised duck and spicy la la. T’was a good meal tho 🙂

Relaxing Christmas brunch at Canopy Garden Dining and Bar, followed by a great day ❤